Below you will find a list of the most commonly asked questions and our answers to them. If you have additional questions you can click HERE.

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How do I contact you?
Where can I find your policies?
Can we sell/run your items in our group or on our website?
    • ABSOLUTELY, PLEASE DO! That's what we are here for. Our designs stay on the website and we are constantly adding new ones on top of customs. We have flat pricing for each garment style from YS to 4X. Every month we run a special and you can find more information on that either in our group.
    If I order a run, will it match?
    • Maybe. There's a real possibility it won't if you would like your items within our listed TAT. If you require a matching run, please message us to discuss, we are more than happy to accommodate we just don't want to keep folks waiting. Unfortunately there are Global shortages in the industry that at times can make it near impossible to have a truly matching run of some things. A "run" refers to a run of shirts

    I received a tracking number but nothing is happening. Did my package really ship?

    • First and foremost, i'm super sorry this is happening. It is an occurrence we see very often unfortunately. Don't panic though, i promise it'll be okay. Insurance and shipping carriers require that we wait 15 days before we are allowed to file a claim for your package being lost though so being patient is key. 9.75 times out of 10, the package shows up before the 15 days.
    • In the off chance it does not, after the 15 days please email support@merchgirls.us so we can get this rectified for you immediately.

    My package says delivered but it's not in my mailbox or anywhere. What do i do?!

    • Breathe! Then, if you're able, check with your neighbors to see if it was left with one of them instead
    • We  recommend waiting 2 days as some mail carriers accidentally hit the wrong button and mark items as delivered too soon
    • If it's been another mail day and your package still hasn't shown up call your local post office and ask to speak with the postmaster to be able to obtain GPS coordinates of where your package was left
    Do you dropship?
    • Absolutely, just make sure you enter the customers address for the SHIPPING address and leave a note at checkout that says DROPSHIP so we know to leave the invoice out.

    I'd like an update on my order.

    • Click Here to go to the Order Updates tab on our website
    What does TAT mean?
    • TAT stands for turnaround time; the length of time it will take for us to complete your order before it will ship out of our facility. It is the same thing as processing time. Keep in mind TAT and processing time are separate from shipping time.
    What does shipping time mean?
    • This is the method of shipping you choose at checkout; it's an estimation of how long it will take you to receive the item once it has been picked up from our facility.
    What is your current processing time?
    • You can always find this information on the banner at the top of the website.
    What brands of garments do you use?
    • You can find this information in the descriptions of the items. It can vary due to nationwide stock shortages. They are ALWAYS Unisex unless it states otherwise.
    Do you take custom orders that you don't list on your website?
    • Absolutely, all the time! Just shoot us an email at support@merchgirls.us and we will be happy to try and help.
      Do you have minimums?
      • We do not.
      Do you charge a setup fee?
      • Nope, no need!
      What is Direct to Garment?
      • DTG or Direct to Garment is essentially a giant "inkjet" style printer that prints directly onto your 50% cotton or more garment with a special ink. It's long lasting for wear, doesn't crack and just follows garment care instructions. It's awesome!
      What DTG/Direct to Garment printer(s) do you own?
      • We currently own two Brother GTX Pro B's which are intended for bulk printing. You won't find many folks printing direct to garment in bulk because most of the printers out there aren't designed to be super efficient with the ink. That's what makes us special, we have TWO printers DEDICATED for BULK printing so we are able to offer some pretty awesome prices on our DTG items!
      Where else can I find you on Social Media?
      What is ShopPay, QuadPay, FourPay, Sezzle, AfterPay?
      • These are services that allow you to checkout and pay for your purchase in FOUR easy payments with NO credit check.
        Where are you located?
        • We are an online company based out of Winston Salem, NC. Our mailing address is 2806 Reynolda Road, #113, Winston Salem, NC 27106.

        Can I use your mockups or get a watermark free copy?

        • Absolutely to both! If you use our mockups please make sure you cover our watermark with your own or just leave ours in place...totally up to you. It's not only required by us but also any designers we use for graphics as well. Failure to do so will result ion your being banned from purchasing from us in the future.
        • To obtain a watermark free copy just shoot us a message or check the VIP group!

        Do you accept returns or exchanges?

        • Not generally, but there are a few exceptions.
          • If we've made a mistake and sent the wrong size/garment/design; we are going to mail you the correct items along with a label to send us the wrong ones back. Easy peasy!
          • It is a readily purchased item that we feel as though we could easily resell.
          • The garment has some sort of damage that we missed before sending out. (Oops, so sorry!)
          • All issue must be reported within 48 hours per our policies.

        Can I cancel my order?

        • Unfortunately you cannot due to our process moving so quickly to obtain stock for our orders. The exception to this is if we have an issue and we have posted it in the group and made it an option.

        Can I add on to my order?

        • Sometimes, it's just going to depend. The answer is generally no for confusion sake, but in the rare case we haven't already printed your invoice and moved it along in the process, we are more than happy to! Just shoot us a message and ask.

        What is the dark rectangle or "sticky" looking box on the shirt? (it's also sometimes a bit yellow if it's gotten a lot of heat)

        • This happens sometimes and we are always perfecting our process to make it less noticeable upon receipt. It's really just pre-treat which is a special glue and water mixed together. 99.9% of the time it washes right out and looks good as new. This is why we recommend to always wash before wear and also before messaging about it.

        What if my package arrives damaged or is missing (i.e. says delivered but is clearly not at your home)?

        • If it's missing or says delivered but is not there, you should first check with your neighbors because it's likely it got mis-delivered. If a neighbor doesn't seem to have it, we also encourage waiting 2 days as sometimes they are marked as delivered when in fact...they're not and is a known issue within the USPS system. Please email after 2 business days if it has still not been received.
        • If anything appears damaged, please email as soon as possible.

          I ordered transfers...where are they?

          • That depends, did you order a pre-order? If so, those do not ship until 7 to 10 business days after the CLOSE date on the listing. If you aren't sure if you ordered a pre-order, login to your account or check your receipt and you can view the title of the items you purchased and there should be a date.
          • If you did not order a pre-order then definitely shoot us an email to support@merchgirls.us