• Screen Print

    Screenprinting involves transferring ink onto a t-shirt through a stencil or mesh screen, creating durable and vibrant designs. Pros of screenprinting include cost-effectiveness for bulk orders, versatility with various fabrics, and the ability to produce bold designs; however, it may have cons like limitations on intricate details, longer setup times, and potential environmental impact due to ink disposal.

  • Direct to Film

    Direct-to-film (DTF) transfers use a film with a design applied to a t-shirt, offering detailed prints suitable for small batches. Pros include versatility with various fabrics and high-quality detailed prints, while potential cons may involve a slightly thicker feel to the print and limitations on color vibrancy.

  • Embroidery

    Embroidery involves stitching a design onto apparel using thread and needle, providing a textured and durable decoration. Pros of embroidery include a professional and long-lasting finish, suitability for various fabrics, and a 3D texture; however, potential cons may involve higher costs for intricate designs, limited color choices, and longer production times compared to some print methods.

  • Wholesale

    Calling all resellers! Click and sign up for a wholesale account now to enjoy special discounts on apparel, accessories, and tumblers. Please be aware that transfers are not included in our wholesale offerings.

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  • Fundraising

    Elevate your fundraising efforts with our tailored solutions! We provide dedicated websites for your fundraisers, taking care of all the logistics. Your role is simple – promote, promote, promote, while we handle the rest, ensuring a seamless and successful fundraising experience.

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  • Bulk Pricing

    Bulk pricing for our apparel starts with discounts at 25 pieces, but please note that this quantity is subject to change based on market requirements.

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Your Story. Your Style. Our Print.

Welcome to Merch Girls – where individuality meets innovation! Formerly known as Winston Salem Spirit, we've undergone an exciting transformation to better reflect the dynamic range of our services. While we proudly continue to serve our local Winston Salem community with exceptional printing services, Merch Girls has now expanded its horizons to offer a vast online marketplace packed with goods that capture the essence of personal style.

Dive into our website and explore a curated collection of apparel and accessories that celebrate your unique story. Whether you're a trendsetter, a business owner, or someone seeking personalized fashion, we have something special just for you. Our commitment to quality and creativity extends to everyone, and we're thrilled to introduce our wholesale side catering to businesses looking to elevate their brands with premium merchandise.

Not just limited to locals, our transfer services are open to the public, ensuring that the freedom to create is accessible to all. And here's the best part – the pricing remains consistent, offering you unparalleled value for top-notch products. At Merch Girls, we're not just printing on fabric; we're crafting a canvas for your individuality. Join us in this journey of self-expression and redefine your style with Merch Girls!